DSNAME foredrag

DSNAME foredrag

by Anders Pedersen -
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Gik du glip af dette semesters DSNAME-foredrag fra Skibsteknisk Selskab, kan du nu tilgå dem her;

Alternative fuels - experiences and opinions

Unmanned and Unstoppable: A Future of Autonomous Shipping

ESG reporting and new EU regulations for shipping

New building program of the Danish Defence

ShippingLab – setting sail on a new large collaboration project


Næste semesters foredrag er ikke 100% fastlagt, program lyder dog;

23. sep: Something about DANA

07. okt: Something about Cyber Security

21. okt: Something about big battery ferries

11. nov: Something about CO2 (and ships)

18. nov: Something about ports and new fuels

02. dec: Something about accidents - and Christmas as well